Dino's Celebrity Roast

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From the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s, family’s and friends would gather around the TV. There were no DVRs. There was no Comedy Central or 500 channels to pick from. Occasionally the “Network” would have Dino round up the pack of comedians, musicians, and celebrities. They were both old school, and contemporary. They were just plain entertaining. What would it be like if we could tape a new episode and do it all over again?

 You gather up the gang, and a few other notables, and you find a victim, we mean Roastee, to pick on. You add a new element to the show to update it. LET THE SINGERS SING! Let’s face it, the crooners could read a good joke, but didn’t you always want to hear them sing also? It’s an evening of music, comedy, and food. The night starts off with the all you can eat Italian feast. 

 As the celebrities go through the motions of frying, rather roasting the Person Of The Hour, they grab a microphone and the hits just keep on coming. There are up to 15 musical performances highlighting the career making songs that everyone loves. 

 Tony, Ocean, Jack D’Amico. Anthony Cassano, Vince Amore, Tony Calaro, Bill Serritella and that doesn’t even include the girls. Tony Ocean and these entertainers are household fixtures at festivals, clubs, restaurants, and weddings. They are all headliners in their own right at theaters. Gathering this group together is unprecedented. It’s only happened for BIG events like Sinatra’s 100th birthday and the like. Seeing them all together in one place, in one night, is absolutely well worth the ticket price just for them.

 Have we mentioned our female performers. Let’s start with a bonafide movie actress who appeared with Tom Hanks, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell etc. in the iconic baseball movie “A League Of Their Own.” She played the Charm School Teacher. Think about it. You KNOW this movie and you KNOW her character. Ellie Weingardt has been performing in TV, movies, and Red Carpets internationally. As a true to life impersonator, she has traveled the world. As Joan, she brings a biting fashion sense and real stand up comedy skills. Wendy Thompson has followed somewhat of the same path in the impersonation world. Playing Marilyn and Brittany across the country, she even performed at Brittany’s CD release party. GaGa plays in her tribute band, Cover Story, all over the Midwest at clubs and fests. All these girls have game, and they have come to play. Remember there’s no crying in Roasts.

 Another one of the “Characters” rounds out the ensemble. Although he is wearing many hats. Tony Shark has co-written the play in collaboration with his  wife Jackie Duleba who is a writer at Second City. He is also the producer and director. With years of concert and theater credits on his resume, he is guiding the audience and cast throughout the show. He may even reprise a role from a former life and do a Blue Brothers song. (The Shark was at one time one of the Blues Brothers for the Hawks and Bulls.) Tony Ocean has had this roast concept for years. He really wanted to put this show together . As the Shark guides the Ocean’s management affairs, the two set out to make the dream a reality.

 It’s a real life roast!

It’s a real life concert.

It’s a real life comedy

with a real life italian feast.

It’s an awesome evening of everything good in life.

Music, Comedy, Food, Good Friends, and New Friends.

Here in the Fantasy world of Tony Ocean,

it’s referred to in simple terms –


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